Comedy Stage Shows

The Amazing Michael Brannan, Master of the Mind, presents:  live comedy hypnosis shows.  Fun!  Fascination!  Laughter!

You’ve always wondered about hypnosis.  Now, experience it live!  You’ll have more fun than you ever thought possible.

Michael Brannan, Master Hypnotist, is now offering fun and sophisticated LIVE entertainment–of the laugh-out-loud hypnosis variety. Michael has been entertaining and playing with hypnosis and magic since the age of 13.

His skits are hilarious, fascinating and just–mind blowing. YOU are the show, the stars, all participants are volunteers from the audience. Enjoy this rare opportunity to enjoy the hypnotic state of mind, whether you’re watching it or experiencing it! His latest show featured:

Zombie Auditions – Hold on to your body parts!

Turn your friends into zombies with hypnosis!Enjoy the scene as the volunteer come to believe they are zombies. They chase each other around, walking like zombies, acting like zombies. Are they real zombies? Only they know for sure. Until then it happens: their body parts start falling off! They have to find them and re-attach their limbs. But wait–did they find their own arm or leg or are they getting someone else’s?

Magic X-Ray Glasses – “I see London, I see France…”Looking through hypnotic x-ray glasses.

The volunteers are given magic X-ray glasses. When they wear the glasses, everyone in the audience appears naked to them! Imagine their surprise as they look out into a naked crowd of people. But then the tables are turned. It’s not the audience that is naked, they are the naked ones. Turn about is fair play!


Amnesia Dust – Sprinkle it on and just forget: your name, who you’re married to, the number “six”…

Hypnotic Multi-Purpose Amnesia Dust. Don't leave home without it!Imagine forgetting the number 3, or even forgetting your own name. It’s possible with hypnotic amnesia dust! This magic dust creates amnesia in the volunteers. Imagine how they react as they try to count their fingers but keep coming out with eleven. Or forgetting their birthday, unless, of course, they sing happy birthday out loud!

Top Secret Agent – Your shoe is ringing, answer it!

Your shoe is ringing!This skit brings to life the life of a secret agent. Remember Maxwell Smart and Get Smart? He’d always be answering his shoe as a phone. Now hypnosis brings that bit of spying to life as our volunteer answers her shoe. And then won’t tell us who she is talking to.

Unexpected Smells – The lower you go, the better he smells!

Hypnotic Positive Hallucination - Smells - where none exist.In this hilarious skit, a volunteer is told that the person next to him smells really, really good, irresistibly good, and the lower you go, the better he smells. Watch as the volunteer keeps smelling the delightful scent of his partner onstage. Watch how they have to keep smelling.

Martian Translators  – Dirty job but somebody’s got to do it!

Stage Hypnosis - speak Martian instantly!Watch as a volunteer pretends to speak Martian! Of course, no one speaks Martian and we wouldn’t know it if we heard it. Still our translator is able to give us a perfect translation of everything that is said, describes Mars, tells us how he got here, and so much more

All manner of good, clean, hypnotic fun!

Here’s a video clip showing the power of Michael, Master of the Mind, and his hypnotic amnesia dust suggestions.  Enjoy as you watch the participant alternately remember and then forget and then remember the number 3 and her own name!!  Wow!  Yes, this is for real!

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Michael Brannan, Hypnotist, Master of the Mind

Who is Michael Brannan? His credentials are impressive.  Michael is a Certified Stage Hypnotist, Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, and CHt./Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist, is a former President of the NGHWA, National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington State Chapter.  Click HERE for a page with more details.

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