About Michael Brannan, Master Mentalist

Michael Brannan, CHt.  In addition to his career as a professional stage hypnosis entertainer, Michael is also a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ® and a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Design Human Engineer ®.

Michael Brannan, Master Stage Hypnotist

Michael has been hypnotizing people since the age of 13. He’s carried his interest in hypnosis forward to this day, as co-creator of Mindworks Hypnosis, http://www.mindworkshypnosis.net  with offices located in Bellevue, Washington and as co-trainer with his charming wife, Connie, in his own company, Mindworks NLP.  They offer NLP certification trainings in the Seattle area. http://www.seattlenlptraining.com .  He is a former President of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington State Chapter.

Michael graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in Philosophy and Physics, and did his graduate work in Philosophy at Indiana University.

“My goal through stage hypnosis entertainment is to provide delightful demonstrations of the power of the mind.”

*  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
*  Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™
*  Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach
*  Timeline Coach and Regression Specialist
*  Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
*  Matrix Energetics® Level 1 & 2
*  Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist

Michael is active with several professional organizations including the Washington Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists–where he served as President for several years, and the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.  His continuing education includes specialized in-person hypnosis stage training with The Geoffrey Ronning Group, OMNI Hypnosis courses, trainings with Richard Bandler (NLP), and trainings in conversational hypnosis, and Advanced Mastery Training in NLP with Steve Andreas & Andrew Austin, as well as participation in a variety of international and local hypnosis and NLP seminars.

My Story

Learn Stage hypnosis Seattle for fun and profitI started my own career at the ripe age of 13 delighting and entertaining everyone with magic. Magic has always been a passion and an interest of mine, and (at the age of 13) I just knew that magic and hypnosis were connected in a deep and special way. I struggled many times finding an audience, finding just the right time and place to show my magic and my hypnosis. Which was limited at the time to such things as “stiff and rigid arm” and other simple stuff.

My fascination with hypnosis has grown over the past decade and the absolute fun and sheer delight you get from performing on stage in front of fans only gets bigger and bigger. Are you a showman or showwoman? Now I am a Master Hypnotist recognized by the premier training ground in the Pacific Northwest and have taught scores and scores of people real secrets to hypnotic success in therapeutic settings. I have now turned my attention to stage hypnotists, to bring out the very best in what can be accomplished. You see, in the US, stage hypnosis has really been the driving force in really informing people about the magic of hypnosis.  In addition to my stage hypnosis performing, I have also performed as an improv actor and I do stand up comedy, as well.

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