Stage Hypnosis Training

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Learn stage hypnosis for fun and profit

Have you ever stared onto a stage in complete awe as a performer, whether a singer, a magician or a hypnotist, wowed the crowd, brought them to their feet in a frenzy? Have you ever wished that that were you?  Standing on stage, microphone in hand, looking out into a crowd who all came to see YOU! You imagine what it would be like to truly be the star, to be the one everyone else looks at as someone special, someone who has really “got it.”

It can be an amazing but scary thought. As you now think about becoming a stage hypnotist, you may be thinking many things: can I really learn to hypnotize people so quickly? Can I really stand in front of a big crowd and entertain? Can I really learn to do skits? Can I get “gigs”?  Can I really be the life of the party? There is so much to learn: is there some way all this can be boiled down to a few simple principals so I can start performing almost right now, feeling confident, knowing that my show will be a success? Can I really be the life of the party?

The answer to your questions is a resounding “yes!” Using our special learning methods (yes, we actually use hypnosis to teach you hypnosis), you’ll find yourself mastering the basic skills in practically no time. You’ll be able to give a confident and comfortable performance right out of the class. That’s how effective our learning techniques are for our students.

Opportunity is knocking:  Will You Answer?

Contact us for more information at 425-564-8608  or email to .

Here’s the deal. You will get:

  • Four full days of complete training, plus a free bonus day if you enroll early.
  • An amazing array of special bonuses
  • An added bonus day covering advanced marketing and other tactics that will simply blow your mind
  • Complete video training in the “See-Saw” Induction
  • Additional bonuses that help you get started immediately

Next Training Dates to be announced.

The total cost for the course is just $895 (which could be the fee for a single show).  The training takes place in Bellevue, Washington, near downtown.  Take advantage of this course and get the amazing bonuses by enrolling early!  Call us:  425-564-8608.

In this training, you will learn to:

  • Master the secrets of instant trance as you hypnotize subject after subject almost faster than you can blink an eye (yes, these are the same techniques you see master hypnotists using on stage and you master them faster than you think!)
  • Discover the real secrets behind a hypnosis show that makes it entertaining and an absolute delight to watch (no, it has nothing to do with hypnosis, but professional magicians will recognize it instantly–most stage hypnotists are clueless.)
  • Learn the real truth behind the so-called suggestibility tests and why they are nothing like you’re taught in 99% of the other schools who perpetuate the same simple myths about hypnosis (don’t you buy into these myths, and learn to really understand them, and that will take you beyond 90% of other hypnotists.
  • Learn how to use your “pre-talk” (yes, stage shows have them too!) to warm up your audience, get floods of volunteers rushing to the stage and have your volunteers practically in trance before they step foot on the stage.
  • Learn the little known secrets of “parlor hypnosis” unknown to most that will have you inciting a laugh tornado at your party gatherings, informal meeting or anywhere else you decide to use them (this technique alone can help you book more shows than you can handle.)
  • Practically guarantee mastery of stage hypnosis secrets by using hypnotic learning states that almost force your mind to absorb information at warp speed (this technique alone propels you to the hypnotic elite almost effortlessly.)
  • Destroy stage fright as you create an almost unstoppable enthusiasm and on-stage charisma that practically forces your audience to just love your show (you’ll have them coming back for more far more often than you think.)
  • Learn marketing magic that brings you booking after booking — accelerating your career as a stage hypnotist faster than you ever dreamed (and leaving all the would be stage hypnotists staring from the stage wings in amazement.)
  • Discover how the skills of improv and stand up comedy can help you leave them rolling in the aisles an your audience enjoys skit after skit.
  • Discover the method of spontaneous skits — this is taught absolutely nowhere else, and gives you that final push to take your show over the edge. It almost magically unleashes astounding creativity you can use anywhere, anytime, for anything.

Opportunity is still knocking. Will you answer now?

Accept this invitation to learn stage hypnosis and discover all the ways you can use this material to get more clients, to deepen your understanding of hypnosis, and to put away once and for all all the silly myths that abound about stage hypnosis. Be sure to register by Oct 15, 2015 to receive all the bonuses being offered.

Improve your hypnosis skillsFor the Therapist

That’s why I’m teaching stage hypnosis: I want to share this fun, excitement and joy with everyone as you master skills that will not only make you a master stage hypnotist but will also develop your skills as a professional therapist.

Surprised by that? Think back to one of the greatest hypnotherapists of the 20th century–David Elman. Did you know that his deep interest in hypnosis was sparked by stage hypnosis? You see, his father was a stage hypnotist, and watching his father perform, and performing himself, led to many of the developments in hypnosis that Elman is famous for, including rapid induction techniques such as the Elman induction.

Stage hypnosis is not what you think it is, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can learn about hypnosis with stage shows. How easily and quickly you can learn to put people into trance, how you learn to identify trance easily. How you can utilize trance to achieve the outcomes you want, whether on stage or in a clinical setting. Thinking about stage shows is absolutely one of the easiest ways to dispel myths about hypnosis. With stage hypnosis, you will accelerate your skills at group hypnosis presentations, at group sessions, and so much more! Stage hypnosis as so much to offer the hypnotherapist, only you can see all the ways you can benefit when you enroll now.

  • Master group presentations of hypnosis, whether group sessions or public talks on the power of hypnosis
  • Discover how to hypnotize groups of people quickly and easily, taking your group sessions to the max
  • Enhance your personal charisma to the point that people are riveted to  your every word
  • Learn rapport skills with your audience to promote effective communications
  • Walk the talk.  Show clients the power of the mind allows people to grow and stretch their abilities by living that success yourself.

The time is now to improve your life with an amazing skill set called hypnosis that can be a money generator as well as a personal enrichment experience.  What are you waiting for?

About Your Bonuses

Your bonuses when you register early.

Free Bonus Day: Get a full additional day of hypnotic training, including marketing your stage shows and other tips and tricks that will really take your success to the next level. Even hypnotherapists will accelerated their career with these marketing tips.

See-Saw Induction: This induction comes straight from the hypnotic vaults of Europe to the United States. It presents a unique combination of inductions and other hypnotic techniques that will really get your mind spinning.

The stage hypnotists bible: Receive 500+ pages of additional hypnotic instruction, providing you with information that will propel you to your dream of standing in front of a crowd, entertaining them, wowing them with your hypnotic skill.  An incredible amount of bonus material is included with this book.

More…More bonuses await you.

Get your registration in today! Or will you let opportunity walk from your door to the door of your competitor only because you didn’t answer?

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Your Stage Hypnosis Course is 100% Guaranteed

Because we value our customer-partners, we offer an unconditional guarantee for our stage hypnosis class. Once you experience our teaching, once you see what this stage hypnosis class can do for you in developing your stage hypnosis career, we know you will be delighted. When you see how quickly this material can further your clinical hypnotherapy practice or just using the material you learn can help you achieve your everyday goals, we know you will be delighted.

Because we want you to feel absolutely comfortable with your decision to take the class, we do offer an unconditional guarantee: if, at the end of the first day, you do not completely agree that this class can help you reach your hypnosis goals, let us know and we will refund 100% of your tuition. You will, of course, not be eligible for the bonus day teaching marketing techniques, you will not be eligible to receive the DVD’s teaching the See-Saw Induction, nor the 500+ pages of hypnosis information that many have called the “bible” of stage hypnosis.

Simply register for the course below, knowing that we’ve got your back covered. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. Payments are processed through Paypal, and you can used any of your preferred methods of payment through them, or you can arrange a payment plan through them as well.

We look forward to seeing you on that first day of class!

This course is offered through a Washington State Licensed Private Career School, Mindworks NLP.


If you have any questions, or would just like to talk to us before you register, you can call us at 425-564-8608. You may also email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

PS Remember, your stage hypnosis class teaches you everything you need to perform a stage hypnosis show, from taking people into trance, to deepening the trance, to developing skits, to showmanship and much more! The bonuses make this course a must have! Enjoy the course!